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If your looking for a good quality timber flooring team then you have come to the right place.

We have gained A lot of experience over the last 16 years in the building industry and I feel that we play a large part in setting the standard for timber flooring in Perth western Australia.


We have a large portfollio of builders that we work with.

Webb and Brown Neaves is one of our laregst clients. You can check out any of our work at there current display homes


We are highly reccomended through 2 of our suppliers in:



PH:9204 1300


21 Pearson way Osborne Park


AUSTIM Timber:

PH: 94096111

252 Gnangarra rd Landsdale


These are 2 of the leading suppliers in Western Australia for hardwood timber flooring, timber decking, engineered timber flooring, laminate timber flooring and structual timber. Both suppliers hold my company in high regard as I to them too.


We cover a full range of supply and install products and finishes to suit your style and needs.




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